Process control has become one of the most exciting fields in the last two decades – to us, at least.


Getting the latest technology at your job site, when you need it, can make a world of difference, from design & construction to maintenance & continuing operation.


When you choose an industrial solution, you also need to have the people to keep the wheels greased.


DFW Valve & Fitting has you covered. All of our employees have your best interests in mind.  Our service is what sets us apart from everyone else.  You'll like working with us!

We have a saying around the office. It goes, "There's no problem an engineer won't solve."


If you need a team of experienced folks who will listen to your problems, and work to find a custom solution, we're here to help.



As the world gets more and more competitive, you need products that can get the job done well, and keep you within your budget.  Quality and safety can never be compromised though.


DFW Valve & Fitting has been one of the leading suppliers of flow control products. If you're looking for the highest

quality at the

best value, call us.

New "Stop-Collar" Fitting lets installer know when fitting is properly tightened for a leak-tight connection every time!!

Globally, DK-Lok Corp. is widely recognized for its technical capacity and high level of customer satisfaction which is comparable to that of Swagelok, the world’s largest enterprise in the market for instrumentation valves and fittings.  Through active overseas market development, we have successfully tapped into a number of overseas markets and currently, we are exporting our products to over 40 different countries.  Just a small sampling of companies who have discovered the exceptional quality, service, and value of DK-Lok products:

Trusted by companies from around the globe, DK-Lok Corporation designs and manufacturers valves and fittings that are among the world's most certified products in the entire industry. 


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Honesty, commitment, and quality


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DK-LOK offers more Swagelok equivalents than anyone else in the industry.  When switching to DK-LOK, our customers love the fact that here is no need to discard current inventory.  The interchangeability of our products ensure seamless integration with your current system, thereby saving valuable dollars in the process.

DFW Valve & Fitting is an affiliated company of Kirby Oil Field Supply LLC

So many reasons to make the switch to 
DK-Lok Valves &
  • Highest Quality Products
  • Reliable, Leak-Free Connections
  • Broad Product Line
  • Very Attractive Pricing
  • Interchangeable with Swagelok
  • Exceptional Service & Support